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The executor is facing the perfect storm, and if he/she is not prepared for what is coming, the devastation could be significant. Times are changing... communication, family dynamics, taxes, complexity of assets... if you don't prepare yourself, you'll end up mixing grief with increased amount of stress having to deal with the estate of a dear one.


Antoine Rempp

Antoine Rempp

Certified Executor Advisor, P.Eng.
Antoine is the founder of Rempp Financial and Executor Insurance. Engineer by trade, he's been working in the financial service industry since 2008, and completed his Certified Executor Advisor designation in 2015. Soon after that, he started organizing workshops and seminars where various professionals come together to discuss the challenges faced by an executor after the death of a loved one. He's now travelling between Ontario and Alberta to keep educating the general public about the role of the executor.
Amy Keller-Rempp

Amy Keller-Rempp

Business Development
Amy Keller-Rempp went through a challenging time when her dad died at the age of 48. While her dad was very sick, his passing was sudden and nobody really was prepared for it. She understands the grief, pain and frustration that can come with dealing with the estate when you're not expecting the time to come.
The role of the executor is extremely misunderstood, and it is our passion to help people understand how to better prepared so the transition will be smoother.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the testators and executors alike to the challenges and benefits of proper planning so the transition can be focused on grief and the wealth transfer optimized for the beneficiaries.

Our Vision

During the next three decades, we will experience the biggest wealth transfer of our time, and because of lack of planning, a massive portion of that wealth will end up being lost in the form of taxes. By educating and helping testators and executor better prepare for that transition, we envision that testators will be able to leave a legacy that will not only be financial, but more importantly of love and smooth continuation.